We work vertically to guarantee our customers a personalized experience, as we make a point of accompanying them throughout the entire production process: collection development, production and quality control.


We have always the most advanced version of the modeling software, which helps our modelers to speed up the product development process, automating all repetitive and low-value tasks, facilitating all the work of creating bases, alterations and grading the models of the various products.


We are equipped with state-of-the-art fabric spreaders, which allow a smooth and precise placement of the various types of materials, creating correct mattresses for a quality cut. We also have tables for manual extensions when the product requires it and we make localized drawings.

Our cutting machines are automatic either in height for quick and precise cuts, or sheet by sheet for checkered or striped adjustments, and these equipments give us agility and versatility in the cutting process for the various types of products. We also have laser cutting by optical reading for more specific items.


Our sample department is equipped with all types of machines and has the necessary know-how for the development and realization of our customers’ creations.


With equipment to carry out the physical tests necessary for the production of the various types of products, our in-house laboratory ensures the following fields, as part of the quality control process:

– Dimensional stability – Abrasion – pilling – tear – Resistance – Measurement of weight per square meter – Solidity – Light box

For more detailed chemical testing and reporting, we work with accredited external laboratories.


We have a continuous search and research activity, in order to become aware of most of the technological innovations and developments in treatments, finishes, new ways of working and presenting the various products.

As a form of research, contact with suppliers of all types of raw materials and services used, allows us to form partnerships in order to achieve differentiated solutions, such as:

– Pleats – Located prints – All-over prints – Digital prints – Foil – Embroidery – Dyeing – Washings – Sublimated – Laser engraving – Padded